Oregon River Rafting

Oregon Rafting Trips are for Everyone

Because extreme adventurers love whitewater rafting, it often gets misrepresented as an extreme sport. When you go on a guided rafting trip though, this is not the case. Everyone is in life jackets, the guide is experienced, and the river is frequented by rafters of all ages and abilities on a daily basis. Whether you enjoy extreme sports or not, whitewater rafting is something in which everyone can participate.

Adults Enjoy the Challenge

Most whitewater rafters are adults. This is simply because they have the means and the transportation to get to popular rafting destinations like Imperial River Company in Maupin. If they’re beginners, they can appreciate the expertise of their guide to get them through safely. If they’re experts, they probably look forward to the challenge that the Class IV rapids of the Deschutes River offer.

Teens Love the Rush

When it’s time to lounge and sunbathe, teens enjoy a good river float, but when the waters are raging, they equally enjoy the rush of whitewater rafting. Rafting Class III and IV rapids with friends is great as both a social event and as a rigorous activity. Teens find it easy to paddle with the group, “ride the bull” and look to their charming river guides to lead them down river.

Senior Citizens Enjoy the Interaction

Although Class V and VI rapids are a little extreme for most senior citizens, the Class III and IV rapids on the lower Deschutes River are just their style. They have enough whitewater to give everyone a thrill, but aren’t too challenging for a senior citizen to participate. Plus, they’ll love the time and interaction a family rafting trip provides.

Children Love the Excitement

Just like senior citizens, many people think they can’t bring their kids along on a whitewater rafting trip near Maupin, but that simply isn’t the case. If the child can  fit into a youth life jacket (must be 50lbs.) then they can raft! Children love to see the wildlife along the way, and they’ll talk about their brave ride through the rapids for months to come.

No matter which category you fit in, whitewater rafting can be your recreational sport. Whether you’re an experienced rafter or a budding beginner, Imperial River Company has a rafting trip for you. We have short 5-mile sprint trips that are great for first-timers and overnight camp and raft trips for dedicated adventurers. Book your Oregon rafting trip today, so you can take on the rapids tomorrow!

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