3 Excuses to Go on a Large Group Rafting Trip

Have you been rafting before and loved it?  That’s what happens when people come to Imperial River Company in Maupin. They get a thrilling whitewater rafting trip and all the riverside perks they need to round out their trip. Once you get the rafting bug though, it’s hard to resist going back for another trip. If you need an excuse to go rafting again, consider putting together a large group and make it an event.

Well-Deserved Corporate Retreat

If your company or work place is looking for an employee outing, you should tell your boss about the large group rafting opportunities at Imperial River Company. You can reserve several rafts, or even the entire facility, for the day. This is perfect for giving hard working employees a break and a treat. It is also a great team-building fun outside the work environment. No matter what your reason for a corporate rafting retreat, it will go a long way towards improving office morale.

Large-Scale Family Reunion

If your boss doesn’t want to put up the funds for an office retreat, you may have to go to your family. Rafting is the perfect activity for all ages, and if you have a large family, you can rent out the indoor or outdoor space at Imperial River Company. Imagine rafting whitewater rapids in the morning, barbecuing riverside at noon, and then visiting and playing with family into the evening. With dining, rafting, and lodging all in one facility, Imperial River Company makes the perfect spot for your next family reunion.

Long Overdue Class Reunion

Maybe your family isn’t exactly the outdoorsy type. Don’t worry, you still have options. Remember all those people you used to recreate with back in the day? Why not invite them over to Maupin for a whitewater rafting trip? Instead of hosting your next class reunion in a gym in which everyone simply chats and drinks, turn it into an active outdoor event at Imperial River Company. You can set up food and drink on the patio, mingle on the lawn next to the Deschutes River, and split into your old friend groups for one big rafting trip.

It really doesn’t matter which group you bring to Maupin. All that matters is that Imperial River Company has space for everyone you want to bring on your group Deschutes River whitewater adventure.

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