All Day – 18 Mile

Check-In: 9:30 am
Duration: 6 hrs
Cost: $115-$189/person
Difficulty: Class II-IV

Our All-Day whitewater adventure is different.  Of course we hit all the fun rapids on the Deschutes, BUT we also float for 5 miles below Sherar’s Falls.  This special section of river offers spectacular rapids and sights.  In addition to the rapids, you will float through the awesome basalt cliff “Narrows,” under two train trestles and around an island.

Guests of Imperial will begin their river adventure from the front lawn of Imperial River Co, from our own private dock.  While all other companies are shuttling up to the public put-in, you will be one of the first on the river!  You will therefore have opportunities to view bald eagles, blue heron, osprey, ducks, otters, deer, kingfishers, and much more. Float through rapids Powerline, Surf City, Oak Springs, White River and the Elevators until we take out at Sandy Beach. We will portage around Sherar’s Falls and start our second leg of the journey at Buck Hollow.

This is hands-down the best the lower Deschutes has to offer, and we are one of the only companies that offer this stretch on a day trip! While many agree that this is the most scenic section of the trip, others prefer the rapids that so few get to see, such as Wake-Up, Lower Trestle, and Wreck Rapids (the guides’ favorite!) We’ll take out at Pine Tree, and shuttle bus back to Imperial for lunch.  Following your delicious BBQ lunch on our two acres of riverfront lawn, and after your sand volleyball game, we’ll shuttle you upriver for the final leg of your adventure.

These last five miles have some of the most famous rapids on the Deschutes. That’s right…Wapinitia, Devil’s Hole, Boxcar, and Rodeo are among a few of the rapids that will round out your day. The adventure will end right back where we started, on the front lawn of Imperial where you can bask in the adventure you just experienced. Hands down, this is the best trip on the river!

Call or click to reserve your trip! 541.395.2404

Our Most Asked Frequently Asked Questions:

We recommend a child be 6 years old, and weigh at least 50 pounds.  Our smallest sized life jacket accommodates a 50 pound child & heavier.  It is critical that their life jacket fits appropriately.

Our Maravia rafts seat 7 + your guide.

No, we do not allow pets on our trips. Please make alternate arrangements for your pet while you are rafting. 

No, we do not provide wetsuits, and most likely the weather will be warm enough that you don’t need one.  We DO provide Splash Gear for cooler days.  These rain tops & rain pants, are worn over your rafting clothes, and will keep you dry.

Any day!  However, most people come out in July and August. So if you want a little more solitude, we recommend June, September and during the week anytime.  The weather is always great, and you get the river all to yourself.

  • Swimsuit and/or shorts and t-shirt
  • Tennis shoes or river sandals
  • Long sleeve shirt & pants if you burn easily
  • Hat for sun protection
  • Sunglasses with a strap
  • Sunscreen
  • Windbreaker or rain gear (if the weather forecast isn’t ideal–most of the time it is perfect!)
  • Towel and change of clothes for the trip home
  • Extra pair of prescription glasses or contacts (just in case…)

We run the best all day rafting trip on the Deschutes River…no doubt about it.  No crowds!  Private launches on our OWN PROPERTY where a lodge, restaurant and bar are waiting for your relaxation and enjoyment.  No parking on the street just to meet in a parking lot and be shuttled to the river.  At Imperial, you check in in the heart of our riverfront property and enjoy our spacious lawn until your launch time.  Did we mention that we are right on the Deschutes river?

Plus, our very experienced river guides know how to run the Deschutes River and have a lot of fun, but most importantly are safe while doing it.  They choose to live their summer on the river and look forward to spending the day with you.  (They also look forward to telling you a few of their stories and bad jokes, too.)  But, seriously….they are very well trained and most importantly respect the water.  They take simple precautions to make sure you have a terrific day and stay safe doing it.

We’ll always judge your skill level and desired aggressiveness on the river and take the appropriate path on the river to ensure 2 things: success and enjoyment.  Every single river trip is different from the last.  Our guides make sure the trip you receive is the trip you want