Paddle Boarding on the Deschutes

What’s SUP?

Stand up paddle boarding is an outdoor water sport where a rider stands up on a large board and uses a paddle to propel through the water. If you’ve already read our Intro to Stand Up Paddle Boarding then you know that stand up paddle boarding on rivers is gaining popularity around the globe. We’re also lucky that Maupin, Oregon is a perfect setting for beginners and experts alike to try it out!

Down River Paddle Boarding

With stand up paddle boarding becoming more mainstream, thrill seekers are now taking this outdoor water sport to new levels. SUP is traditionally most common on smooth, calm waters such as lakes and lazy rivers. However, white water paddling, or downriver paddling is quickly becoming its own unique subset of the sport.

SUPing on a river is similar to surfing on the ocean or snowboarding down a mountain, Maupin Chamber of Commerce explains. The lower Deschutes offers water for all experience levels, with class I – III rapids for beginners and adventure-seekers.

Deschutes Downriver Paddle Boarding Races

On Saturday, September 14th 2019 we’ll get to see some of this excitement firsthand at the Deschutes Downriver SUP Races here in Maupin. The race will consist of two whitewater SUP competitions, the Double Trouble and the Rapid Rush.

Double Trouble

Participants will have 2.5 hours to make paddle board runs from the Imperial River Company to Blue Hole. While most of the route consists of ripples and some current, but there will certainly be a thrill when navigating through up to Class II rapids! This route is just over three miles and each person’s fastest two runs will be added to create their overall score.

Rapid Rush

The Rapid Rush is a 8-mile downriver SUP race with rapids that are Class III and below. The race will begin at Harpham Flats and finish at Blue Hole. Both races will be chip-timed for accuracy and are sure to be exhilarating for both participants and viewers!

If you or a friend is interested in participating, check out the event page here for more details! Registration will be available up to 7:00am onsite Saturday the 14th. Be sure to join us after the event for live music in the Imperial riverfront courtyard or book or a room for the weekend to join in the fun.

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