Family Rafting on the Deschutes

Top 5 Family Vacation Ideas for Outdoorsy Oregonians

Oregonians love the outdoors, and why shouldn’t we? In our little pocket of the Northwest we have access to first class camping, hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting, and more. Because of the relatively temperate climate, Oregon is the perfect spot for outdoor adventures in the summer. This year, what outdoorsy family vacation will you take? Check out some of the best family vacation ideas we found for outdoorsy Oregonians.

1. Southern Oregon Fishing Adventure

If you’re an avid fisher, consider taking an adventurous fishing trip with your family. A number of charters are located in North Bend and Coos Bay to take you out for a day of ocean fishing. This allows you to catch fish like halibut, Albicore tuna, and bottom feeders that you can’t get elsewhere. Along with this, your outdoor adventure can include clamming and crabbing as well.

2. Northern Oregon Ziplining

If you are headed to Northern Oregon, the beautiful coastal town of Astoria is full of outdoor adventure. Enjoy a number of ziplines with panoramic views fit for the entire family. This adventure includes rides over lakes, wood, and a chance to end with a splash in the property’s water. Adventurists will love the breeze on their face and weightless sensation.

3.Western Oregon Bicycle Trips

Biking is another popular year-round activity in Oregon and throughout the Northwest. In fact, Mackenzie River Trail in Eugene was voted one of the top 20 biking paths in the western United States. The bike trail curves with the river featuring clear swimming ponds, rapids, and waterfalls. Part of the path winds through an untouched woodsy area as well.

4. Eastern Oregon Hiking

Hiking and exploring the forests, lakes, and rivers of Eastern Oregon is a fantastic way to spend your summer vacation. Whether you want to stay in a hotel or tackle backpacking and camping, Eastern Oregon fits the bill. Extremists may want to try out Strawberry Mountain or Seven Devils Mountain featuring high peaks and even desert areas.

5. Central Oregon Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting may seem a little extreme for some people, but don’t let the name confuse you. You don’t need to go off waterfalls to whitewater raft. The Deschutes River is one of the most popular whitewater rafting rivers in Oregon, but there are suitable rapids for kids and adults alike. The Imperial River Company, in Central Oregon, has a wide selection of rafting trips available for you and your family. Some are as short as an hour, and some last up to three days and include camping as well as river rafting.

Summer is already upon us, so now is the time to make your vacation plans. If you are looking for a summer vacation adventure that includes many activities, head to Imperial River Company. Located in Maupin, OR, you can find whitewater rafting, bicycling, hiking, fishing, and more to keep everyone in your family entertained.

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