Which Maupin Hotel Room Fits Your Family?

At Imperial River Company, we provide many comfortable rooms in our Maupin lodge. Some of our rooms have themes that help our guests get the full Oregon experience. If you have the chance, call ahead and make your hotel reservation for the room that best fits your family.

Settle Down in the Cowboy Room to Cool Your Heels

A lot of people come to Central Oregon to experience the adventures abundant in this rural area. For those who live here, we too enjoy the open spaces and rough landscape. Whether you’re a country kid or someone looking for a break from city life, the Cowboy Room transports you to the Wild West and into our laid back country culture.

Reserve the Angler Room and Dry Your Waders

The Deschutes River is known for some of the best fly fishing in the world. That’s why anglers from across the Northwest visit Maupin every year, and when they do, they know the best place to dry off after a day of fishing is Imperial River Company. The Angler room is perfect for families who love the sport of fishing. It even has PEET dryer for your hip waders!  (Actually, all of our rooms have PEET dryers.)

Book the Imperial Suite for Privacy and Luxury

If you really want to make an event of your stay, then book yourself the Imperial Suite. Featuring picture windows with full river views, a private riverfront deck, and all the comforts of home, the Imperial Suite is great for the family who intends to stay for a while or the couple in need of a romantic getaway.

Choose the Birdwatching Room for a Hiker’s Respite

Many families visit the Maupin area to hike the Deschutes River Canyon. There are miles of high desert trails with deer, elk, and upland game birds around every corner. There is an amazing variety of other birds here as well, which makes the Birdwatching Room perfect for your family after a long day of hiking and animal spotting.

Stay in the Roaring Rapids Room after Your Rafting Trip

If your family is coming to Imperial River Company to take part in one of our famous whitewater rafting trips, then you’ll want to check out the Roaring Rapids Room. After an exciting day on the river, this will be the perfect place to rest. You can trace the day’s journey on one of the wall murals or relax in a comfy bed while watching the Deschutes River slip by your patio door.

If you call in and all of these great rooms have been booked, don’t worry, there are 25 unique lodge rooms to choose from. Just let us know what kind of adventure you’re looking for, and we’ll get you set up with a room and experience that’s perfect for you and your family. Call us today and book your Central Oregon experience with Imperial River Company.

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