Three Meals You Have to Try at the Imperial River Company Restaurant

When people think of small towns in Central Oregon, they don’t often think of luxurious dining. Rustic, comforting, and hearty, sure, but when it comes to fine dining, most people head for the cities. If you want a hearty meal with a fine dining flare though, you might want to check out the Imperial River Company Restaurant in Maupin, Oregon. There, you can order lunch or dinner from one of Chef Scott’s stunning seasonal menus.

Pistachio Crusted Lamb T-Bone

This fall, you can dine along the banks of the Deschutes River while enjoying the perfect bite. Imagine rosemary aromas wafting up from your plate from hearty roasted potatoes and vegetables. Then lean in and feel the crunch of the Pistachio-Dijon crust before sinking your teeth into the juicy meat of a big lamb chop. Because the lamb comes from the local Imperial Stock Ranch, it’s always fresh and tender.

Duck Confit

Upland bird hunting is a popular sport in Central Oregon, and Chef Scott really knows how to make use of that meat. Grab a table in autumn and enjoy a traditional French Duck Confit. Basted in its own juices, the leg of the duck makes for many luxuriously moist and satisfying bites. After enjoying the subtle saltiness of the crispy skin, you’ll want to dive into the buttery, lemony goodness of creamed corn and green beans mixed with bacon. If you have an Imperial-sized appetite, we recommend ordering the third chop for just a bit more.

Grilled New York Strip Steak

If you’re going to head out to rural Oregon, you can’t go home without having a good old fashioned steak. Imperial River Company’s restaurant has several steak dishes to choose from, but for the all-around best meal, you have to try Chef Scott’s Grilled NY Strip Steak. This time, you’ll get a big 12oz strip of Imperial beef fresh off the ranch and cooked to your specifications. As if that’s not enough, it comes with a deliciously comforting butternut squash risotto that’s creamy with Parmesan and brown butter and sprinkled with crunchy walnuts. If you don’t think you can manage all that goodness, you can always opt for the 8oz strip instead.

These three amazing dishes are definitely our favorites and we highly recommend them, but there are many other lunch and dinner items to try as well. The Imperial River Company Restaurant offers more meat and potato dishes like baby back ribs, several small plate options like mushroom confit, and some classic favorites like burgers and fish and chips. In short, there should be something to satisfy the pallet of even the pickiest eater, so come out to Maupin and pull up a chair!

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