While you are relaxing at Imperial in the evening, Meredith will make sure that your every need is attended to.

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite Area Activity:  Cycling--so many back country roads, few vehicles passing by, and breath-taking views during you ride.  I always stop, sit and have a snack to soak in the peaceful views.

Favorite Traveling Destination: Siskiyou National Forest--Backpacking along the Illinois River area

Favorite Deschutes River Spot: Boxcar's big rock, sitting, enjoying the river

Worst Food Ever Tasted: Caviar.  My dad made me try it as a kid and I threw up in the restaurant napkin.  I was offered Roe (salmon eggs) back when I was 25 and living in Alaska and I wanted to cry.  I had such a horrible mental reaction form just looking at the small bowl of fish eggs I had to run out of the room.  Yuck!

Most Important Life Lesson: Listen to your instincts...and do what you love and everything else will fall in to place as it should.

What Do You Enjoy About Living in Maupin?  I love the life of living in a remote place and working in a career where I am surrounded by nature and a handful of different outdoor recreational activities...this is also one of the keys to happiness and relaxation.