Croppin’ in Maupin Comes to Imperial Again

Do you and your partner have differing interests but want to take the same activity-oriented vacation?  If you are looking for a fun getaway with something for everyone, you may want to consider Maupin. The Deschutes River area offers many activities and Imperial River Company is at the heart of it all.

A great example of the perfect combination is "Croppin’ in Maupin."  This informal event started hosting their weekend at the lodge 14 years ago. The event hosts wanted to create something that was fun for both women and men, and allowed couples to get a weekend away from work, kids, and other commitments. As a fishing hot spot and because of their comfortable lodge, Imperial River Company in Maupin, Oregon made the perfect place for the annual event.

You could model your itinerary similarly to Croppin' in Maupin's.  The couples arrive on a Friday night, checking into spacious lodge rooms. One couple rents the Imperial Suite, our largest room and with a kitchen, and they rotate which couple that is each year. That night, everyone relaxes, has a few drinks, and gets to know each other/catches up on life goings-ons. Then, Saturday after breakfast, the men chase trout up and down the Deschutes River while the women scrapbook and visit.

During scrapbooking, the conference room is often filled with supplies, snacks, and music, so the women can focus on their hobby with none of the usual distractions. While the women cut, paste, and chat, the men take on the Deschutes River, hooking the trout that are just waking up from the cold winter waters. In between activities, couples spend time together and with the friends they’ve made, either eating dinner in the dining room or chatting it up at the bar or outdoor firepit.

Many people re-kindle friendships that have lasted for years, spend time with their sweetie and everyone enjoys the peace and recreation the Deschutes River and Imperial River Company provide. If you’d like to create a weekend like Croppin' in Maupin, contact our event coordinator, or book your room to reserve your weekend relaxation today!

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