Chukar Hunting Secrets from Seasoned Bird Hunters

If you’re into Chukar hunting, these are some Chukar hunting secrets that will really make a difference out there. Take it from seasoned bird hunters—the information they have to offer will save you a lot of time and make the whole experience more enjoyable. Here are some secrets to consider the next time you go bird hunting in Maupin!

Hunting Tactic Secrets

To begin with, here are some secret hunting tactics on how to hunt Chukar. It’s a good idea to start at the top, because a large percentage of Chukars like to perch at the top of a hill. It’s also a good idea because they’ll fly down to a lower elevation if you or your dog disturbs them, which keeps them in your line of sight and makes it easier to keep up. By the time they’re ready to escape by flying up and away, you’ll be close enough to take a good shot.

Another important tactic is to be aggressive. These birds are more likely than most to run for cover, disappear, or fly away. To counteract this, pick a point and keep moving toward it without wavering. These are just a few important takeaways to keep in mind as you get used to hunting Chukars.

Bird Hunting Dog Secrets

It’s just not the same for Chukar hunters to go without a trusty dog by their side. Dogs make it more fun and improve the odds of success significantly. As for the type of dog, pointing breeds like German Shorthairs make great Chukar hunting dogs.

You also want a dog with the following:

  • Excellent nose
  • Endurance
  • Obedience

These are traits that will serve you well on the hunting grounds.

Another important tip is to outfit your dog with a special GPS collar that you can use to keep track of them. This will help if your dog gets far away from your line of sight.

Keep in mind, if you’re interested in having a hunting dog stay with you while you go hunting in Maupin, you can do that at the Imperial River Company. We know the value of a dog for hunting.

Bird Hunting Destination Secrets

Are you wondering where to hunt Chukar? First, it’s important to note that there’s a community built around this sport that’s passionate about guarding this secret. Specific spots for hunting are hard to come by, but here are the general destinations to consider:

  • Idaho
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Nevada

To really find the Chukar, you’ll need to learn what their habitat looks like. A habitat for the Chukar has to incorporate water, food, cover, and terrain. As you gain experience through practice, you’ll get better at scouting out habitats and hunting grounds quickly.

For many new bird hunters, it can be difficult to find good hunting grounds for Chukar, but fortunately, the Imperial River Company offers guided hunting trips in Maupin. Not only will that give you the experience you’re looking for, but it can also teach what to watch for so that you can go out on your own in the future!

Good luck on your Maupin bird hunting expedition from the Imperial River Company!

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